COURSES & WORKSHOPS All LineScape workshops and courses have an emphasis on drawing.

Depending upon their focus, they can happen outdoors under the open sky, in architecture offices or in artist studios. If desired, specific workshops and excursions can be organized, both for individuals and small groups. Courses can also be certified as continuing professional education by architecture chambers.

Anyone can learn to draw. This wonderful creative act gives us a freedom to explore and express… and with the right motivational instruction, it’s always a lot of fun. My courses are not just for professional designers, they can be conceived at every level and for anyone who enjoys drawing.

If you have a specific idea for a drawing course or workshop, please email me: info@linescape.de

Drawing and Watercolour sketching in Trentino Italy, May 2021

The unique surroundings of Lake Garda in Trentino region of Italy are an ideal starting point for learning drawing and watercolour sketching. The region offers many inspirational landscapes and towns that are not only great for creating expressive pictures, they are enjoyable places to visit and to immerse oneself in.

This year’s LineScape intensive drawing excursion includes day trips around Lake Garda, Lake Tenno and the Trentino region.

The 4-day course involves observing and drawing on site, both urban and landscape. The images created not only document the wonderful architectural environments we visit, they express what is perceived and felt. This combination of drawing linework and watercolour gestures and washes, always results in very new and personal impressions on paper.


This course is for anyone who wants to enjoy an inspirational, creative break.

Individual teaching can be fine-tuned to the needs of both professionals in the architectural professions, as well as to the needs of laypersons and enthusiasts, who enjoy drawing in beautiful landscape.

Basic drawing skills are desirable, but most important is enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Group sizes are small, only 14 – 18 people at a time. The course can be certified as professional further education by the chamber of architecture in Baden-Württemberg.


Information on the next drawing course in Trentino will become available beginning of 2021. It will most likely take place over a holiday weekend in May/ June. Please save the dates...
If you have any questions, please email me: info@linescape.de

A minimum of 14 people is needed for the course to take place. Confirmation, material lists and further information will be emailed to participants at least 2 weeks before the course begins.


Tell me what you’d like to learn and we can put together a course. Below are some examples of what we could do …


Drawing remains the most instinctive way to visualize first ideas quickly and expressively on paper. Confident, quick sketches can not only document what we see, they can also be part of communicating to others, and play an important role when designing and developing new concepts. Freehand drawing enhances creativity, gives us a personal freedom to explore, perceive and express the world around us. And not least, drawing and sketching is fun.


LineScape courses can help increase confidence when drawing and communicating on paper, whether a quick sketch or a final presentation. Individual styles and graphic expression can become a distinct and recognizable signature feature.

Once confidence is achieved, drawing can be integrated into the daily routine and, in the planning professions, can help effectively persuade and communicate with others.

Workshops and courses with emphasis on freehand drawing, sketching and illustration can be conceived to meet individual needs, from beginners’ level to advanced courses, even in combination with digital media (Photoshop).


Courses can be put together for professional landscape architects, planners and designers, as well as for laypersons and enthusiasts.


  • Quick sketching, contour drawing and construction
  • Drawing spaces/ principles of perspective
  • Rendering and surfaces, light and shadows
  • Still life, observation i.e. people, vegetation
  • Drawing and digital enhancement
  • Artistic themes, abstraction and reduction, style and expression
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The linework of a hand drawing can be uniquely enhanced with watercolours, and amplified with gestures and effects.

These LineScape courses involve visiting inspiring landscapes and cities, and drawing on site. Being outside heightens the senses and sharpens our observational skills. The resulting drawings are often very personal and expressive, since seeing is selective and participants can focus on what interests them.

The drawing courses that happen outside of our daily environments and routine, especially the excursions in Italy, offer many inspirational motifs for drawing. The break from the digital world and the immersion in beautiful landscapes often gives the mind a freedom to explore new ideas with pencil and brush.


These artistic and creative drawing courses not only train graphic skills, they fine-tune perception and observation, offering the possibility to achieve individual creative expression.


Architects, landscape architects and designers, as well as anyone who enjoys drawing and watercolour sketching under the open sky.
Basic drawing skills are desirable but courses can be fine-tuned to any level.


  • Basics of freehand drawing and sketching (indoors and outdoors)
  • Drawing three dimensional objects and spaces
  • Principles of perspective and construction
  • Exploring graphic styles and effects
  • Day trips and excursions to landscape and urban areas, individual drawing/ emphasis on site (landscape/ architecture/ botanical studies/ details/ urban sketching…)
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Courses and excursions can be organized according to your needs and wishes.

They can happen in universities and colleges, or in offices and studios. Whether you are a professional planner, landscape architect, a drawing enthusiast or student group, a course and theme can be conceived and suited to you.

Please send me an email: info@linescape.de.