Every landscape starts with a LineScape…

Welcome to LineScape, the drawing initiative founded by Prof. Dr. Sabrina Wilk.

Drawing isn’t only about arriving at a pleasing picture, it’s seeing, thinking, understanding and visualizing. Even in our digital age, it remains an important part of designing, developing and communicating visions and ideas.

LineScape was founded in 2007 and has hosted many diverse workshops, drawing excursions and seminars for landscape architects and students, always with emphasis on drawing and sketching. The spectrum of courses ranges from freehand drawing out of doors, to more work-oriented drawing and presentation techniques, which are strategically conceived to reach clients and other design professionals.

Everyone can draw… it isn’t about talent. It can be learnt and it’s also a lot of fun. My courses are no longer just for professional landscape architects and designers, they are for all that enjoy being creative, and want to give themselves an inspirational, stimulating break.

Drawing courses and trips in 2023

LineScape courses Trentino and Veneto

Here are some impromptu impressions from this year's LineScape courses in Trentino and Veneto.

I really enjoyed the amazingly creative and inspirational days in beautiful Italian cities and countrysides, especially so in the company of very enthusiastic architects, landscape architect and students.

Thanks to everyone who participated and had fun drawing. I'm already looking forward to our courses in 2024... with destination Bologna:-)

And one last info: July 8th is the final LineScape Zeichenflanerie (day trip) in Regensburg... register now!



Also known orthographic projections, these two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics have been in use since the very beginning of architecture and landscape design. They visualize and communicate new planning projects to scale, which makes them very effective, both for convincing clients, as well as for communication in the construction process. Typical two-dimensional projections include the ground plan, the section and the elevation. Three-dimensional graphics such as the axonometric projection and the perspective are especially effective for persuading viewers of our ideas.


Drawing remains the most instinctive way to visualize first ideas on paper. Confident, quick sketches can not only document what we see, they can easily be part of communicating to others, and play an important role when designing and developing new concepts. Drawings always contain a distinctive handwriting and can express a very personal style. Especially when enhanced with watercolours, drawings and sketches are further heightened and given poignant effects.


LineScape courses with emphasis on architectural graphics are aimed at architects, planners and landscape designers. They are offered in cooperation with professional institutions, colleges and universities, but can also be conceived for individual offices and studios. Creative courses with a focus on freehand drawing and watercolour are held every year in Italy. There are different courses planned in 2022.


My publications on the topic of graphics in landscape architecture are meant to be both instructional and inspirational. The books help motivate readers to grab a pencil and draw. They contain plenty of drawings, and demonstrate how to put ideas to paper at many different scales. Images from international offices further exemplify the richness and diversity made possible through drawing.