Drawing remains the most instinctive way to visualize first ideas quickly and expressively on paper. Confident, quick sketches can not only document what we see, they can also be part of communicating to others, and play an important role when designing and developing new concepts. Freehand drawing enhances creativity, gives us a personal freedom to explore, perceive and express the world around us. And not least, drawing and sketching is fun.

Freehand drawing is a process which involves practice and time. LineScape -courses not only teach foundations and principles needed to draw, they motivate and inspire. At times, the courses are guided by the desires and progress of their participants. Once the fear of drawing (or making mistakes) is alleviated, confidence grows and participants quickly progress, developing their own personal graphic style and expression.


Freehand drawing remains an important foundation for architects and planners, even though it might seem that digital graphics have pushed it to the background of design. Even before any colourful digital presentation is produced, the initial thoughts almost always begin on paper. Drawing plays an important cohesive role in thinking and designing, in the communication with clients, colleagues and tradespeople. Only drawing can specifically communicate ideas and still leave room for interpretation.

Creative and artistic drawing, especially drawing outdoors, is particularly good for sharpening our senses and promoting observational skills. Sitting and drawing in public spaces involves courage and confidence. The more we practice, the better we get and the more we start to select what we draw. As we observe, the images become increasingly distilled and very personal, since each of us will see and extrude specific aspects and details of a scene.



Watercolour sketching has a long tradition in landscape imagery. Sketches enhanced with unpredictable watercolours have a light and almost spontaneous character, sometimes even experimental. The lines of a sketch are always the framework but the water colours, gestures, splats and washes add an expressiveness that no other media can quite achieve. This creative act is always a lot of fun, especially when practiced in beautiful landscape locations and in lively urban sites.


Although my teaching usually focuses on the graphics of landscape architecture and design, however it is not limited to professional drawing. Drawing excursions, far from the daily routine, often allow for a relaxed state of mind, open to new impulses and creative ideas. We can briefly leave the seen reality behind.

As a result, new and unique images can happen. These are more about exploration and less about perfection, as pencils and brushes explore the many possibilities of expression. This wonderful relaxed atmosphere allows us to arrive at very personal, vivid and unique visual imagery.



Do you have ideas for a certain course topic or a technique you’d like to learn? Drawing and design courses can be put together to meet your needs.

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