Teaching & Lecturing

For the past 10 years I have been trying to spread my enthusiasm for landscape architectural representation and drawing, both to students and professionals.

My teaching and lecture work at the university currently involves

Architectural Graphics 1 - Basic orthographic projections and graphic communication, working with lines, textures and symbols in landscape representation

Architectural Graphics 2 - Colour rendering in graphic communication, working with different media in landscape representation, perspective sketching

Freehand Drawing Techniques - Classic freehand drawing and sketching with pencil and paper, done en plein air (outdoors at different locations)

Hybrid-Sketching- Combining hand drawings with digital media in order to create, communicate and express visualized spaces

Marketing in Landscape Architecture - Developing your own Corporate Identity (Logo & Typography) according to your own philosophy and design approach

Graphic Site Analysis - Developing perceptive skills and the grapic ability to communicate these (this is part of the design module)

Landscape Design - Studio modules (in different years) dealing with different design projects and approaches

Perspective - The classic spatial construction from plan/ with perspective charts/ freehand

Graphic design with Photoshop - Enhancing CAD base material/ perspective wireframes with Photoshop

CAD - Using different CAD programmes for vector-based design and representation (currently taught by assistants)

Bachelor Thesis - Final design thesis project (both individual and general study topics) for undergraduates

Master Thesis - Supervision of final master's thesis (individual design and research topics) for post-graduates in our IMLA program

Excursions and study trips abroad - Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland...