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There is nothing more wonderful or relaxing than sitting outdoors and drawing!

I am not trained as an artist and I would not refer to any of my work as art, but rather as creative observations and interpretations. Click on the links for some examples of my sketches and drawings. 

Thanks again to all who have allowed me to show their excellent work in my books and on this website.

Below is a 10 minute sketch I did on a weekend workshop in May 2014 with the Bavarian Chamber of Architects in Munich. When it's cold and uncomfortable outside, you have to sketch quickly. Sometimes these quick gestural images are much more fun than those that take hours....... 

MUC hofgarten mai2014

This sketch below is a current one from my 2016 sketchbook. I was in Regensburg and drew the beautiful cathedral spires which towered over the market square. First, I observed and constructed the spires very loosely in soft pencil. When the base drawing was done, I enhanced it with watercolours, concentrating on the areas of strong contrast.

The result is a lovely and spontaneous sketch which captures the essence of a very complex building. When you paint, it's not always necessary to draw every precise detail... quite the contrary! Drawing is not about reproducing what is seen photo-realistically- we have cameras for that! Rather drawings and sketches can capture unique and sometimes very personal images and scenes. 

That's what makes drawing so difficult and so much fun at the same time...

Regensburg Photos Process