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Although my work is primarily practice-oriented, I published a 300-page book on the fundamentals of landscape architectural representation and drawing.

It is currently being revised and the second edition with new images and samples is coming out in October 2016.


Drawing for Landscape Architects (2nd edition, 2016)

Author: Sabrina Wilk

DOM Publishers, Berlin


The German softcover version of the handbook is currently available exclusively at Bücher Pustet bookstore in Freising.

The current hardcover versions are published in German, English and Chinese. The books are available through bookstores and online- retailers. Information on the book and ordering can be done directly via the DOM publishers website:


Here is a quick peek at the new cover

Neue Auflage2016 Umschlag


The handbook offers methods with many helpful examples in important thematic areas:

  • Basics of orthographic and parallel projections
  • Introduction to drawing tools, applications and effects
  • Symbols in different scales, styles and abstraction levels
  • Constructed and free-hand methods for drawing perspectives
  • Basic principles for layout and lettering
  • Examples of drawing in contemporary landscape architectural practice

This handbook is an important tool for students beginning their studies in landscape architecture, as well as a good reference book for professional landscape architects and garden designers. It explains landscape architectural drawing conventions in an easy-to-understand way, motivating and encouraging readers to draw their ideas and develop their personal graphic language and style.