I am from Toronto, Canada and I hold degrees in landscape architecture (University of Toronto), architecture (TU Karlsruhe) and art history (University College Dublin). As you might guess, my passion revolves around images and their incorporated ideas. I have a great fondness for art, drawing and history and enjoy linking these fields with the profession of landscape architecture.

As part of my work as a landscape architect, I’ve become specialized in design, illustration and visualization, working on projects and international competitions for landscape firms in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. I have also contributed to research and publications in urban design as well as in landscape architectural graphics.

I became Professor for architectural graphics, drawing and visualization at the University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan in 1999 and have also lectured in different landscape architecture programs including the University of Greenwich and University College Dublin at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Alongside my work at the university, I am committed to providing specialty workshops in landscape architectural graphics and drawing for professional offices and in cooperation with the Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten (BDLA), Deutsch Gesellschaft für Garten - und Landschaftskunst, Akademie Landschaftsbau in Weihenstephan (ALW).

From the very beginning of my studies in landscape architecture and throughout my career, I have been interested in exploring the ways in which artistic impulses play into the graphic communication in the architectural professions. The history of the perspective and its role in transmitting landscape architecture is a subject which continues to fascinate me and informs the work I do.